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Arnica Bay Consulting ("ABC") is a consulting firm based in Orange Beach, Alabama. Our goal is simple - to solve business process challenges with techology.
And to do that with a goal of keeping things straightforward and affordable.

One size rarely fits all...

All to often, business software solutions end up missing the target they were implemented to address. Having your vendor focus on your highest priorities for your solution is one of the keys to system satisfaction. Arnica Bay Consulting adjusts it's solutions to ensure that your system goals are met!


Vendor relationships are important to all businesses. Understanding your business is critical to success in delivering a software solution. Arnica Bay Consulting considers it's relationships with customers a partnership, with successful implementations benefiting both the customer and Arnica Bay Consulting.

We are are local...

We are proud to be a local business. Local businesses are the backbone of our economy! We are flexible, innovative and look forward to working with you!

Your business is unique! And so is Arnica Bay Consulting!

It's a fact, all businesses are unique! The combination of products, services, and personnel guarantee uniqueness! Partner with Arnica Bay Consulting to leverage that uniqueness. Focus on your goals and your strengths and let us embed your uniqueness in to your solutions.

That's what we do and that what makes us unique!

Oh, the times are a changing...

Bob Dylan was right then, and he is right again now. Cloud based solutions have been a game changer within the information technology (IT) landscape. The economies of scale derived from virtual servers and other digital infrastructure components have transformed the IT industry in a relatively short period of time. Skill sets and tool sets formerly found in the hands of a few, are now widely available and have produced software applications too numerous to count.

Where there is significant change, significant opportunity usually follows. Today, businesses have many more IT options due to these changes. But understanding, selecting, and implementing these new capabilities can be too much for a business to undertake alone. That is where Arnica Bay Consulting can assist with objective, seasoned decision support as well as implementation and deployment support.


Business Process Management

With experience in software system development as well as accounting and finance, ABC incorporates automated workflow and case management techniques to assist with the management of your business. Our tools increase process visibility for customers as well as your staff!

Cloud Based System Deployment

Let ABC help you take advantage of cloud based solutions that allow access to your systems from anywhere. Employees as well as customers and vendors can interact with your systems where appropriate, increasing efficiency in your curent business processes.

Web Site Development and Deployment

ABC utilizes customizable website templates to get your online presence up and running quickly. We can assist in acquiring your domain name and/or handling domain transfers. All sites utilize the SSL protocol, allowing for secure data transfer over the internet. Sites can incorporate advanced form intake as well as tight integration with our cloud based business systems.


Looking for guidance regarding automation objectives for your business? ABC offers a free initial IT consultation as well as project based analysis that can help get you headed in the right direction.

My existing systems are working, but...

Does your existing system largely work for you, but maybe comes up short in an area or two? Maybe certain existing system capabilities are limited and cause extra work that would be nice to eliminate? It might be that ABC could integrate with your existing system to fill those “processing gaps”. ABC offers a free consultation to determine potential “gap filling” options that might be available to you.

System Support

Ongoing, practical support to keep your ABC business systems running smoothly.

Wayne Miles

Welcome to Arnica Bay Consulting, my software business that is named for a wide spot along the intracoastal waterway between Bear Point and Pirate’s Cove! My roots run deep in this neck of the woods as my grandparents built their cabin in Bear Point Estates in 1955. A little later, my parents built their cabin in 1966 and I followed suit in 1997, building a summer house that eventually became my primary residence in 2011. It’s changed significantly over the years, but it’s where I want to be, and I consider myself fortunate,
to say the least!

My interest in software systems began immediately after graduating from the University of South Alabama. My BS degree was in business, with a concentration in finance, but personal computers had arrived on the scene, and something made me purchase one. I was hooked from day one, and from that first day, I knew information systems would have a major impact on my professional career.

Early on, I learned that I could utilize software to automate labor intensive tasks associated with accounting and financial positions. I also learned to develop software solutions when I needed automated solutions that did not exist. Over a forty-year business career, I was fortunate to work in large companies as well as small companies, gaining insight to the challenges facing management. In those years, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to solve business challenges with systems automation.

Opportunity called again when I joined a long-time friend and business associate to start a new company focused on personnel recruitment. Once again, information technology played a key role and ultimately the firm was divided, and I assumed the role of president of the software products division. Over the next fifteen years, we designed and developed regulatory case management software that was deployed in 20 states and Puerto Rico. Ultimately, the business was sold to a larger government software company where I remained until recently.

Arnica Bay Consulting is a small software consultancy business where I provide a valuable service to organizations that could use help navigating the complexities of today’s information technologies. If you find yourself in that position,
let’s get together and talk!

Life at the Beach

Wayne Miles


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29676 Bayshore Dr N, Orange Beach AL